The Presidential Agency for Educational Institutions intends to cooperate with French educational institutions

Sardor Rustambaev, Uzbekistan's Ambassador to France, and Hilola Umarova, Head of the Presidential Agency for Educational Institutions, engaged to discuss issues of collaboration between the President's creative and specialized schools and French secondary special education institutions.

The head of the agency briefed on the activities of his organization, the main curricula of the Presidential schools, the work done to implement international standards in the development of its national training program in specialized educational institutions.

In particular, they exchanged views on the teaching of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) in schools and the development of the inclusion of "agrotechnology" in the school curriculum.

It was also noted that in order to expand the potential of students of the Presidential schools, it is planned to add a second language to their programs, taking into account the specifics of each region in the country.

During the meeting, the issues of teaching French as a second foreign language and the involvement of French teachers for this purpose, as well as the provision of textbooks and literature to institutions were canvassed.

In order to develop inclusive education in Uzbekistan, the issue of establishing cooperation with the National Research Institute of Higher Education "INSHEA" for the organization of professional development courses for teachers of gifted children was considered.

Following the meeting, an agreement was reached to establish cooperation on organizing a French language classroom for specialized schools, organizing short-term teacher training courses as well as publishing a series of materials on specialized schools in the French media.