The procedure for allocating subsidies for young people with disabilities has been established

On June 21, 2022 of the Cabinet of Ministers decision № 341 “On approval of administrative regulations of the provision of public services for social support of disabled youth” was adopted.

With the document, the administrative regulations for the allocation of subsidies were approved as follows:

to cover tuition, living and transportation costs for young people with disabilities;
for the purchase of equipment and labor weapons for young people with disabilities.
Administrative rules define the following:

the cost of study, accommodation and travel, as well as the amount of subsidies provided for equipment and labor weapons;
documents required for obtaining a subsidy and the rules for their issuance and consideration;
requirements for the applicant and the conditions for granting subsidies;
the procedure for the appointment and payment of subsidies.
Subsidies are allocated from the account of funds of the state policy support fund for young people under the agency for Youth Affairs. Annual subsidies are allocated to young people with disabilities in the amount of up to 50 times the amount of the base calculation. The person wishing to receive a subsidy has the right to apply to any public service centers for the receipt of public services in electronic form or to register in the State Social Security Service Center.