The profit of one fund is built upon the collapse of another

Major investment banks lost billions after the crash Archegos hedge fund . However, the Investment Company of billionaire George Soros took advantage of a massive sell-off in shares.


Particularly, in the first quarter of 2021, Soros Fund Management investment company bought shares of the American media conglomerate ViacomCBS for $ 194 million, the Chinese tech giant Baidu for $ 77 million, as well as securities of Vipshop Holdings for $ 46 million and Tencent Music Entertainment Group for $ 34 million.


Sale of shares of Chinese and American companies for almost $ 20 billion banks Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley arranged on March 26. It was later revealed that banks were selling off the assets of the hedge fund Archegos Capital due to a margin call: the fund was unable to fulfill the requirements of creditors to post collateral, so they began to forcefully liquidate its positions.