The results of the reforms in the regions were analyzed

On July 11, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting on the analysis of the effectiveness of socio-economic reforms in the regions.

There is no sector in our country that has not undergone reforms. In particular, in the last 3 years, more than 400 decrees and decisions on the development of all regions, sectors and industries were adopted.

The head of our state always demands that "people should feel the changes in their lives". Accordingly, the impact of the reforms on the life of the population is being studied.
One of such complex studies was recently conducted in the case of Samarkand region.

Most of those who took part in the survey highly appreciated the activity of the mayor's assistants, the changes in the fields of education, health care, the Internet, and public transport.

At the same time, he openly spoke about local problems and areas where change is not felt. In particular, there are shortcomings in areas such as efficient use of land and water, supply of electricity, gas and drinking water, land allocation. For example, more than 15,000 applications related to the provision of electricity, liquefied gas and coal to residents and enterprises have been received at the People's Reception Offices in Samarkand.

At the meeting, the effectiveness of reforms in districts and cities, current issues raised by residents and entrepreneurs were thoroughly analyzed and suggestions were made.