The US Congress will discuss a draft act on the withdrawal of Uzbekistan from the Jackson-Vanik amendment.

The Jackson-Vanik Amendment is a 1974 amendment to the US Trade Act that restricts trade with centrally planned economies and countries that violate human rights. With regard to Uzbekistan, like a number of other countries, the amendment continued to operate even after the collapse of the USSR. Uzbekistan's withdrawal from the Jackson-Vanik amendment will bring a number of positive changes for trade. On March 16, 2021, Congressmen Tren Kelly and Don Bacon submitted to the US Congress a draft act on the withdrawal of Uzbekistan from the Jackson-Vanik amendment. According to the congressmen, the document is a reflection of the past and should not be applied to the countries of the Central Asian region. Also, members of the "Caucus on Uzbekistan" noted the need to take additional measures to strengthen the Uzbek-American trade, economic and investment cooperation. Today the world faces a struggle for domination between two superpowers: the United States, which is the undisputed leader in the world economy, and China, which in recent years has significantly approached the United States in all respects. China's ambitions are sweeping across the world. China's Belt and Road Rehabilitation Project is a huge investment program in Eurasia and Africa. Within the framework of the project, China has already invested about US $ 1 trillion in various infrastructure, energy and social projects. Meanwhile the United States is stuck in "internecine" contradictions and the struggle of parties for power. The lack of coherence and the absence of a strong instrument of power during the pandemic showed that the United States is vulnerable. When China continued to mass produce and export its goods, the American government argued about how to fight the virus instead of coordinated joint action, the presidential elections, which became the most undemocratic according to the Americans themselves, and the storming of the US Congress building, the stronghold of world democracy, divided the United States into two camps. Today, the United States needs to pursue a more active global policy, regaining its influence in a number of regions. After gradual entry into the world arena and large-scale reforms carried out by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, Uzbekistan announced its readiness to cooperate with large international organizations for deeper integration. While Russia and China accepted Uzbekistan into their regional projects almost without problems and began a large-scale investment program, the United States is still limited in trade and investment in Uzbekistan due to barriers such as the Jackson-Vanik amendments. The adoption of the repeal of the amendment promotes deeper cooperation between the United States and Uzbekistan. The increase in investment projects as well as active trade with the United States is of great strategic importance for Uzbekistan and the entire Central Asian region. The presence of the United States will help balance the influence of Russia and China in the economies and politics of the Central Asian countries. Also, the amendment limits the entry of Uzbekistan into the World Trade Organization where the country has applied. Withdrawal of the amendment will help Uzbekistan enter the WTO.