There are 3 owners of the Ambulance

Noting that more than 40 high-tech operations have been launched in the regional emergency centers, the President said in an open discourse with the medical community that many issues were raised to enhance the ambulance service.

"For example, in 2021 alone, over 50,000 complaints were received from the provinces about the delay of the ambulance crew.

This is due to the fact that the industry does not have a single management system, i.e there are 3 "owners" of emergency medical services.

"In particular, the medical staff will be appointed by the district health center, the recruitment of dispatchers and the supply of medicines are at the regional emergency center, and the transport fleet, fuel supply and drivers are subordinated to the region health center," the president said.

It was criticized that there is a lot of confusion in the management system, which limits the provision of ambulance services to the district, and that the ambulance station does not accept calls on the pretext that it was another area, even though it borders the neighboring district.