Tinting without leaving your home

Permission for tinting windows can now be obtained through the Unified Portal of Public Services (EPIGU). When decorating tinting online, a 10% reduction in the cost of the service is provided.

Rear window tinting is possible without special permission, but only buses and minibuses can use window shades. You can dim a stripe up to 14 cm wide on the front windshield without limiting light transmission. A permit for tinting is issued for a year, but if you wish, you can purchase a permit for several years in advance.

Since the launch of the service, in 48 hours more than 1000 of our compatriots have tested how convenient the service is. 182 of them received permission to "tint".

The price for tinted rear side windows for cars of category M1, N1 and N2 was reduced to 5 times the size of the base calculated value, that is, 1,115,000 soums. Previously, individuals paid 2,230,000 soums.

At the same time, prices for legal entities have not changed. The rest of all prices are also the same.