Today is the final day of the XII Bodybuilding World Championship

Up to 350 athletes from more than 150 sports delegations take part in the competitions.

On the first day of the competition, the winners were determined in the open category among boys, in the weight categories 55-60, in the categories of model physicist among girls under 21 and men, in the open category of fitness physicist among men and women, as well as in the categories of bodybuilding masters +80 kg.

On the second day of the tournament , the final places of the summary standings were announced:
- masters of bodybuilding among men +70 kg, +80 kg +85 kg;
- physics models among women in the height categories +155, +160 and +165;
- sports-physics among men in height categories 170-180;
- in the open category of sports-physicist among women;
- athlete-physicist among men in the height categories 167-175.

Among the participants, 6 athletes from Uzbekistan reached the final.

Today is October 6, the last day of the championship. We are waiting for new victories from the national team of Uzbekistan.

The names of the winners will soon be announced on our pages. Keep following the important news.