Trump's Truth Social is up and running

The Truth Social app opened today in the App Store for downloading a new social network and was automatically downloaded for those who pre-ordered it.

Former US President Donald Trump announced in October last year that he had created his own social network, Truth Social, after his official pages were blocked on several social networks.

The app, released by Trump Media & Technology Group, is more like Twitter, where users can post their "truths," however the "truths" editing feature hasn't been launched yet.

Some users have reported that the app has a problem registering an account, or has been added to the waiting list with the message "We've placed you on a waiting list due to high demand".

Apparently, Truth Social is only meant for for iOS, and at least for the United States, the full distribution of the app is scheduled for the end of March.

P.S: Earlier, it was reported that the application will be launched in March, yet as a result, the application was submitted ahead of schedule.