Turkic Council convened the 7th Video-Conference Meeting of the Health Scientific Group

The 7th Video-Conference Meeting of the Health Scientific Group of the Turkic Council was held on 1 November 2021. The meeting was moderated by Gismat Gozalov, Deputy Secretary General of the Turkic Council and attended by Assoc. Dr. Tolga Tolunay, Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Turkey, Dr. Viktor Gasimov, Deputy Minister and Chief Sanitary Doctor of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Members of the Health Scientific Group and high-level officials from the Member States.

Deputy Secretary General Gozalov briefed the participants on the activities conducted by the Secretariat in the health sector. Members of the Health Scientific Group shared the latest developments and measures being taken by the governments in the fight against COVID-19 and discussed issues related to the recognition of vaccination certificates in the Turkic Council Member States.

Prof. Dr. Akın Kaya from Ankara University and Prof. Dr. Serhat Ünal from Hacettepe University made presentations on Post-COVID Syndrome and COVID-19 Vaccine Studies and shared information on pulmonary fibrosis and pneumonia complications as well as outcomes of Phase III Clinical Study on vaccines. Following the presentation, the participants had a questions and answers session related to the Covid-19 vaccination process, as well as vaccine efficacy and vaccine efficiency.