Two new models in Uzbek car manufacturing

This was highlighted in the Presidential Decree “On Development Strategy of New Uzbekistan for 2022-2026”.

Pursuant to the decree, from 2022 on, the further development of cooperation in the automotive industry is aimed at boosting production by 1.4 times, exports by 2 times and increasing the level of localization. In order to proliferate the production capacity of existing enterprises in the industry, the followings were planned:

starting production of 2 new models of cars with an annual capacity of 190,000 units through the transition to a new integrated global platform ("GEM");

increasing the car production capacity of the Khorezm regional branch of UzAuto Motors from 70,000 to 100,000.

A roadmap will be developed to EXPAND exports to $ 1 billion US by 2026. The cars are manufactured in foreign countries on the basis of SKD technology. Kazakhstan will export up to 30,000 car sets a year by launching full-cycle production (CKD).

In Andijan region, 8 new projects worth $ 151.3 million US will be launched in 2022-2024, specializing in the production of automotive components in the special industrial zone "Special Industrial Hub for Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering" and other areas.