Umida Omonova became the world champion in the direction of chess blits and rapid

Umida Omonova wins both rapid and blits at the world chess Youth Championship in Greece, ending the competition with two gold medals. Humayun Bekmuradov won a silver medal in both directions in the group" Open12".

Earlier, Umida Omonova, who won the gold medal in the rapid direction, also scored 9 points from 8,5 opportunities in the blits direction and took the first place.

In this way, Omonova Umida in Greece became the world champion in both rapid and blits in the group "Girls Under 16 years old".

In the direction of Blits, Humayun Bekmuradov took second place, scoring 7 points out of 9 opportunities, becoming the silver medalist of both rapid and blits bets of his group "Open12".

Another Uzbek chess player Almas Rakhmatullaev took 4th place in the group "Open16" in the direction of Blits.