US Department of Labor: Uzbekistan has made unprecedented strides in ending forced labor

In Washington, Tanzila Narbayeva, Chairwoman of the National Commission on Trafficking in Persons and Forced Labor, and Nozim Husanov, Minister of Employment and Labor Relations, held talks with Tea Lee, Deputy Secretary of Labor.

During the meeting, the American side was informed in detail about the latest changes in the legislation of Uzbekistan and the strengthening of law enforcement measures aimed at preventing and eliminating forced labor.

Lee noted that Uzbekistan has made great strides in ending forced labor in recent years, and praised the country's plans to continue implementing a decent work program and tripartite cooperation mechanisms with the ILO.

The parties also discussed measures to strengthen the trust of international brands and support independent trade unions to ensure the country's competitiveness in the selection of responsible suppliers.

The meeting also addressed the implementation of the US Department of Labor's $ 2 million US project "Increasing Transparency and Accountability in the Uzbek Cotton Industry."