Uzbekistan Airways received the second Airbus A321 aircraft

The second A321nyeo NX aircraft was delivered to the domestic terminal of Tashkent Airport.

The aircraft will be able to fly almost full cargo across Eurasia. For example, Tashkent-London, Tashkent-Seoul, Tashkent-Kuala Lumpur, which are far from the Uzbek capital.

The maximum flight weight of the aircraft is 97 tons. The aircraft can also carry 23,000 kg of commercial cargo. There are 188 passenger seats on the aircraft, including 16 in business class and 172 in economy class.

To state, the unification of the airline's fleet is set out in the "road map" to accelerate the transformation process in Uzbekistan Airways. The airline plans to open new routes and restore previously popular routes to Europe and Asia. Replenishing the fleet with new A321nyeo LR aircraft will help tackle these problems.

P.S: On February 14, 2022, Uzbekistan Airways welcomed the first Airbus A321 LR aircraft in its fleet. Uzbekistan Airways currently has 26 passenger aircraft, including 12 Airbus aircraft (A320-9, A320neo-3, A321LR-2).