«Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. Prospects for development at a new historical stage of cooperation»

Today at the International Institute of Central Asia (ICA) “Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. The International Conference on” prospects of development at a new historical stage of mutual cooperation" started its work.

The conference is attended by Heads of state and analytical structures of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan and leading experts – Oliy Majlis Legislative Chamber, Institute of Strategic and interregional studies under the head of our state, Center for Economic Research and reforms under the Presidential Administration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Center for information analysis of international relations under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Coordinating and methodical center of the newest history of Uzbekistan under the Academy of Sciences, Republican Turkmen national cultural center, , the Institute of literature and national Arma will discuss the current state of Uzbek-Turkmen cooperation and exchange views on issues of strengthening and expanding regional dialogue.