Uzbekistan becomes a regional IT center

On April 14, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting on the discussion of results in the field of Information Technology and tasks for the current year.

While the level of coverage of the population with mobile internet was 30 percent in 2017, today it is 96 percent. Or, if there is an export volume in the industry in 2017, which was 600 thousand dollars, last year this figure reached 46 million dollars, and in the first quarter of this year 16 million dollars.

More than 11 thousand young people work in IT parks. Within the framework of the project” one million programmers", young people who have studied are building a solid foundation for the future of the industry.

In the development strategy, it is aimed at turning the digital economy into a “driver” sector, increasing IT services by 2.5 times and bringing exports to 500 million dollars.

The head of our state stressed the need to turn Uzbekistan into a regional IT Center for this.

Regular implementation of the scope of services, instructions were given to increase the volume of exports to 100 million dollars by the end of this year. IT parks have been tasked to attract more companies, establish centers for remote services. Through this, more than 5 thousand young people will have a highly profitable job.

At the meeting, the implementation of projects in the program “Digital Uzbekistan – 2030” was also analyzed. By the end of this year, it was said that 404 regional and 133 network projects would be launched.

The Ministry of development of information technologies and communications was instructed to add another 70 services to the single interaktiv State Services portal. Thus, the total number of service types on the portal will be 376 units.

Also, a mobile application of 50 more services will be created, such as applying for a pension, obtaining a personal certificate, insurance. Through it, the number of online users from the public service reaches 4 million.

The company ”uzbektelecom" has been given instructions on transforming the company into a high-tech company that exports quality services, obtaining international ratings.

Attention was also paid to the issue of cybersecurity. Critical study of information systems of all ministries and departments in this respect, the task was set to take the necessary measures.