Uzbekistan boosts imports and exports, doubling customs revenue

A study conducted by the Center for Economic Research and Reforms (CEIR) revealed the following: customs payments increased by 47.5% over the past period (until September) 2021.

The largest increase was observed in the Jizzakh region - payments increased fivefold. In Syrdarya, they increased 2.8 times, in Khorezm - 2.1, in Samarkand region, the increase was 81.7%, in the capital - 39.1%, and in Karakalpakstan - 38.8%.

These statistics confirm the fact of the economic development of our country. Domestic demand for imported products is also growing, mainly due to the import of machinery, transport equipment and industrial goods.
The abolition of customs duties in the free economic zone in October 2020 also had a positive effect on the increase in customs duties.

In the world, interest in Uzbek products is growing, at the same time, Uzbekistan is responding to demand with an increase in supply. The state provides assistance by stimulating export business activity, especially in the field of industrial goods, food products, chemicals and agri-food products.