Uzbekistan-Europe cooperation in trade-economic and cultural-humanitarian spheres

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan Vladimir Norov met with heads of diplomatic missions of EU member states.

At the meeting, the European side was given detailed information about the constitutional reforms being implemented in Uzbekistan, the content and nature of the proposed changes to the country's main legislation.

It was noted that cooperation between Uzbekistan and the European Union is consistently developing in broad, mutually beneficial directions. The parties welcomed the recent signing of the Agreement on Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the European Union.

Prospects of expanding Uzbekistan-Europe cooperation in the trade-economic and cultural-humanitarian spheres were discussed. The European side expressed its readiness to diversify mutual trade, as well as support the development of professional education in Uzbekistan.

In November 2022, the importance of successful holding of the ministerial conference and the meeting of the heads of foreign affairs agencies in the form of "European Union - Central Asia" in the form of interdependence was emphasized.