Uzbekistan on the way to diversify its export potential

The Kyrgyz print publication Akchabar, in its article "Uzbekistan has taken incentive measures to diversify exports," analyzed the new export opportunities of Uzbekistan.

The article lists the sectors of the economy of Uzbekistan that could become the drivers of the country's development.

“Uzbekistan has opportunities and a relative advantage in the production of more than 50 industrial goods. In particular, there are all conditions for the petrochemical, metallurgical, machine-building, electrical, pharmaceutical, construction, textile, leather and footwear, food industries, as well as spheres related to the green economy, become “drivers” of the national economy, ”writes

The article also says that Uzbekistan provides transport benefits to enterprises in order to overcome high export costs and the Export Promotion Agency under the MIFT organizes work in commercial banks to allocate finance for loans related to export operations.