UZS will be traded on the Moscow Stock Exchange on June 27

The UZS, the Armenian dram and the South African rand will start trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange on June 27, which was reported on the official website of the Moscow Stock Exchange.

Reportedly, new currencies will expand the trading opportunities of professional market participants, their customers - individuals and legal entities, including foreign economic entities.

Traders and their clients can use spot and exchange tools for the following currency pairs:

South African rand – Russian ruble (ZAR/RUB);

USA dollars - South African rand (USD/ZAR);

Armenian dram - Russian ruble (AMD/RUB);

USA dollars – Armenian dram (USD/AMD);

Uzbek soum - Russian ruble (UZS/RUB).

The start of trading in the UAE dirham - Russian ruble (AED / RUB) and the US dollar - UAE dirham (USD/AED) currency pairs will be announced later.