A new massif is being built in Fergana

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the construction site of the Yangi Uzbekistan massif in Fergana.

It is planned to build 298 multi-storey houses in this 300-hectare area. 80 of them will be built by entrepreneurs this year.

There will also be two secondary schools, three preschools and medical facilities, commercial and consumer services outlets, a sports complex and a mosque. The small industrial zone of 50 hectares will play an important role in employment.

New Uzbekistan Park and an artificial lake will be created on an area of 70 hectares in the middle of the massif. More than 10,000 saplings have already been planted. A total of 21,000 bushes are planned to be planted.

New Uzbekistan massifs will also be built in Yangi Asr mahalla of Fergana district and Yukori Soyboyi mahalla of Yazyavan district.

A total of 244 apartment buildings with 9,429 apartments will be commissioned in Fergana region this year.

The President instructed to build communication networks in the region and provide modern housing services.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev returned to Tashkent after completing his visit to Fergana region.