Vehicles with debts are stopped at stationary posts

By the decision of the government, a regulation was approved on the introduction of the movement procedure based on the principle of "Green" and "Red" lanes at the stationary posts of the Road Patrol Service.

According to the regulation, the movement of vehicles is recorded by photo and video recording devices and regulated by signaling to drivers through a light-emitting diode screen.

Vehicles that are not shown on the screen or signaled to move along the "Green" lane will move along the "Green" lane without obstruction.

Documents of traffic participants on vehicles ordered to move on the "red" lane are checked using an electronic database. After the payment of the identified debts, they are allowed to continue their activity.

In cases of non-payment of debt, vehicles are placed in special parking lots.

Vehicles found to be in arrears are allowed to continue driving in a few cases, including when the violation underlying the arrears is sued or pending in court.