All higher education institutions in Uzbekistan will be comprehensively scrutinized

In order to ensure the implementation of the tasks given at the meeting chaired by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on January 28, 2022, higher education institutions will be critically and analytically studied on the basis of 23 criteria.

From today on, a working group headed by the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education Abdukodir Tashkulov and the Head of the State Inspectorate for Quality Control in Education Ulugbek Tashkenbaev will conduct a comprehensive investigation of all higher education institutions in the country.

The main focus is on higher education reform, integration in science, science and industry, the activities of information and resource centers, practical assistance to financially and academically independent educational institutions, scientific potential, the degree of organization of the educational process, distance learning, credit-module system, conditions created in dormitories, the introduction of effective mechanisms to combat corruption and ensure transparency.

Achievements and experiences in the study process will be widely propagated, and suggestions will be made to address existing shortcomings.