WP Announces Potential US Travel Ban for Vaccinated Sputnik V

Foreign tourists vaccinated with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine could not get to the United States, The Washington Post learned. Since November, the country will begin letting in foreigners vaccinated with drugs approved by either the local regulator or WHO.

In November, new ones for the entry of foreign tourists will enter the United States: those who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with drugs approved by the American regulator or the World Health Organization (WHO) will be able to enter the country, writes The Washington Post.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has so far approved Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, as well as drugs developed by Chinese companies Sinopharm and Sinovac, the newspaper said.

For reference, in Uzbekistan this year it was reported that a pharmaceutical company based on Jurabek Laboratories proposes to produce up to two million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine.