Taliban to meet with EU

Taliban representatives are preparing to meet in Doha with the EU delegation.
This is reported by the media with reference to Amir Khan Muttaki, acting foreign minister under the Taliban. Humanities dominate the agenda.

It is expected that the Taliban will ask for more support for Afghanistan, the European delegation, among other things, is going to broadcast the concern of the world community and the UN about violations of human rights in Afghanistan and especially about restrictions on women's rights.

Earlier, UN Secretary General António Guterres said: "I am especially worried about the violation of the promises made by the Taliban to Afghan women and girls. Failure to fulfill a word leads to the destruction of the dreams of women and girls in the country."

Over the weekend, Taliban officials met with an American delegation in Qatar for the first time since the departure of the US contingent from Afghanistan. According to the Taliban spokesman, Washington agreed to provide humanitarian aid on condition of its direct distribution in Afghan society.

This step does not amount to formal recognition of the Taliban.