Monopoly, housing prices, and a committee of inquiry. What else does the presidential candidate Bahrom Abdukhalimov want to change?

Bakhrom Abdukhalimov, the presidential candidate of Uzbekistan from the Adolat party, announced his election program.
The motto of the party is "Justice is the main criterion of our life."

As part of this program, the candidate proposed to eradicate the monopoly. In particular, it is proposed to annually reduce the benefits of UzAuto Motors, customs payments at 15% for cars, and its transition to open competition, to cover the decrease in customs profits with paid taxes.

In his speech, Bakhrom Abdukhalimov noted that the price of housing will be understated. Affordable and affordable houses are an important precondition for social protection.
“We will provide socially vulnerable segments of the population with municipal houses,” the presidential candidate said.

In addition, Abdukhalimov promised to introduce a quality control system. The party will take strict control over the quality of products, apply increased penalties for actions aimed at producing low-quality products and artificially raising prices.

There will also be reforms in the field of education. In order to raise the level of the country in terms of the number of people with higher education, measures will be implemented to gradually increase quotas for admission to universities.

His party intends to unite the ministries of preschool, public, higher and secondary specialized education into a single institution - the Ministry of Education.

In order to eliminate cases of human rights violations as a result of the fragmentation of the preliminary investigation bodies, to strengthen control over it, the candidate plans to create a single investigative body of the country - the Investigative Committee.

He also intends to change the scheme of tax revenues to the budget.