As part of the 1st day of the annual meeting of the Islamic Development Bank, agreements were signed with Uzbekistan, Benin, Guinea and Burkina Faso

The first signing ceremony of the agreement was held between the IDB and the Republic of Benin. The total amount of signed 7 agreements and 2 projects is 43.12 million US dollars and 85.81 million euros.

These agreements were signed between the President of the IDB, Mohammed Suleiman Al-Yassir, and the Minister of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Benin, Romoualoud Wagadani.

The main signed projects are "Elimination of deficiencies: health, human resources and food in Benin" and "Elimination of the Cotonou Storm Waters in Benin".

The following agreement is concluded between the State of Burkina Faso and the International Islamic Trade and Finance Corporation for a total amount of 85 million euros. An agreement on trade financing in Murabahom has been signed.

The agreement was signed between the Minister of Economy, Finance and Development of Burkina Faso, Lassan Kabore, and the Director General of HISMC, Eng Salem Sonbol.

Also on the first agenda are agreements with the Guinean state aimed at supporting key sectors of the economy of this state, and for a total amount of 100 million US dollars. The documents were signed between the Minister of Planning and Economic Development of the Republic of Guinea, Kanni Diallo, and the Director General of HISMC, Eng Salem Sonbol.