Sadyr Japarov commented on the protocol on the exchange of territories with Uzbekistan

In March this year, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan signed a protocol on the exchange of territories after protests in border villages.

During an interview with OTRK, President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov noted that negotiations are at an early stage, reports.
As he says we need to solve the border issue through negotiations and exchange of land plots whether we want it or not. The President noted that the previous authorities resolved border issues behind closed curtains without citizens awareness.

"In order not to repeat the mistakes of the previous authorities, we will show people, get their consent and decide. This is our policy.Actually most of issues are decided in private, many papers are secret. However, we take into account nations opinion"- said Japarov.

He also recalled that the border issue is not resolved by one signed protocol. 
Four stages should be taken for that: the decision of the working commissions, the consent of the president, who then sends the document to the JK or sends it back, the ratification of the parliament and the signature of the president.
“We are only at the initial stage now. We want everything to be open and transparent and so that in 10-15 years people to have positive impression about us ” - he claimed.