10 more presidential schools planned to open

Currently, there are 4 presidential schools in Uzbekistan, and 10 more new institutions are being prepared for opening in Bukhara, Fergana, Jizzak, Samarkand, Karshi, Kashkadarya region, Andijan, Gulistan, Navoi, Termez, and Nurafshan.


<p style="margin: 0px; text-overflow: ellipsis; overflow-wrap: break-word; color: rgb(23, 43, 77); font-family: -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, " segoe="" ui",="" roboto,="" "noto="" sans",="" ubuntu,="" "droid="" "helvetica="" neue",="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" 14px;"="">Secondary school students among 10 regions, and students of 5-6 grades from 4 exact schools are eligible to apply.
Documents should be submitted online via the platform from 5 to 25 June.
Entrance exams will be held in 2 stages:
- the first qualifying round on July 20-25;
- the second final exams on August 20-23.