1,002 medical centers will be established in remote areas

The Presidential Decree "On additional measures to bring primary health care closer to the population and increase the efficiency of medical services" was adopted.

According to the decision:

From January 1, 2023, family doctor's points will be established in the regions on the basis of local family polyclinic branches;
in family doctor's offices, family polyclinics and district (city) multidisciplinary central polyclinics, daytime inpatient hours will be extended until 20:00, and from June 1, 2022, additional bonuses will be set for medical staff working in them;
From May 1, 2022, mahalla medical points will be established in mahallas located far from primary health care facilities (a total of 1,002 in 2022);
preventive medical examinations of the population, screening programs and patronage services are carried out only in accordance with the procedure approved by the Ministry of Health and in a timely manner, no interference of other organizations in this process is allowed.
From July 1, 2022:

All doctors working in family clinics and family clinics in remote and remote areas will receive a monthly increase of 2 million soums in addition to their monthly salary and up to 50% of the cost of housing when buying a mortgage, but 500 basic calculation of amount is not more than 135 million soums;
physicians who have worked continuously for 3 years in remote and outlying areas are admitted to clinical residency without testing.
From September 1, 2022, doctors will be allowed to conduct individual family medicine activities.