55 thousand enterprises have been established in Uzbekistan since the beginning of the year

In the first six months of this year, the number of newly created enterprises by type of economic activity, excluding farms and dekhkan farms, reached almost 55 thousand, according to the State Statistics Committee.

The following are the main areas of established enterprises:
1) In the trade (18726);
2) In the industrial sphere (11120);
3) In the spheres of agriculture, forestry and fisheries (7814);
4) In the construction industry (3614);
5) Enterprises of accommodation and catering services (3345);
6) Enterprises of information and communication (1319);
7) Enterprises of transportation and storage (1319);
8) Health care, provision of social services (899);
9) others (6537).

It should be said that the largest number of enterprises have been established in the trade sector. This suggests that many entrepreneurs are focused on developing the country's export potential.