A bridge over the Amu Darya and a railway worth $ 174 million

The construction of the bridge, which will connect the Khorezm region and Karakalpakstan, along with the railway from Shavat region to Karauzyak, which runs partly over the bridge, will cost $ 174 million.

On September 22, 2020, during a trip to the Khorezm region, the President of Uzbekistan got acquainted with the bridge construction project and construction work began soon. Currently, work is underway to strengthen the banks with reinforced concrete structures and install the bridge support.

The project provides for 80 km of the railway along the route "Shavat - Gurlen - Jumurtau - Kipchak" and a 413-meter road-rail bridge across the Amu Darya.

“This is a project that people have been waiting for for many years. He must serve our people for many years. Quality comes first. A lot of money has been allocated. It is necessary to attract experienced specialists, take into account every detail, build conscientiously, "Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted.

It is expected that the railway route between the Khorezm region and Karakalpakstan will become 240 km shorter, the travel time will be reduced by 6 hours. The volume of interregional cargo transportation is planned to increase from 12 million to 25 million tons per year.

It is planned that work on the construction of the bridge should be completed by September 2022.