A cluster in the oil and gas sector will be created

The Decree of the President "On measures to create an educational and production cluster in the oil and gas industry" was adopted.

The Decree established the Educational and Production Cluster in the oil and gas sector.

One of the main activities of the educational cluster is the establishment of mutual integration of education, science and production in the oil and gas sector.

Within the educational cluster:
in order to guide school students to professions that are a priority for manufacturing enterprises:

variable (specialized) curricula for exact and natural disciplines will be introduced;
Excursions will be organized by production organizations for schoolchildren and meetings with industry veterans;
in order to integrate the educational process of professional and higher educational institutions with the activities of industrial enterprises, it is necessary:

subjects and topics to focus on practice;
to form the skills of self-education among students;
increase the proportion of specialty subjects taught
in foreign languages