A fishing cluster has been established and startup projects have been financed in Nukus district

Minister of Innovative Development Ibrahim Abdurahmanov got acquainted with the work being carried out in the fishing cluster being established in Nukus Innovative District.

The Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan has launched two startup projects to establish a fishing cluster in Nukus Innovative District in 2022. They are "Development of fisheries in the Aral Sea region, as well as restoration of endangered fish species" and "AMU ARAL SAZANI" LLC. Startup projects "Innovative intensive recycling fish farming".

“Bostanova Nesibeli” LLC has built an incubator shop for fish fry and purchased the necessary equipment for the incubator shop. As a result of the commissioning of the equipment, 10 tons of fish fry will be yielded per year and the fish will be delivered to fish farms on a contract basis.

“AMU ARAL SAZANI” LLC grows commercial fish on an area of 3 hectares of artificial lake applying innovative recirculation methods. To date, the company has imported innovative equipment worth 3.5 billion UZS from China and installed 10 artificial basins based on Chinese technology. These 10 artificial ponds control fish farming on 3 hectares of artificial lakes.

The company intends to earn 4.0 billion UZS by yielding 100 tons of commercial fish per year on 3 hectares of land in an innovative way. In the years ahead, it is planned to install fish production lines at the expense of the company's income. Thanks to these projects, 30 new jobs will be created in Nukus district.