A program for geological prospecting

On May 19, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with the presentation of projects geared toward further development of the geological sector, expansion of mineral and groundwater resources.

At the presentation, officials touched upon the plans developed in this regard. According to the plans, 14 projects worth $ 182 million US have been formed.
To this end, the task is to develop a special program for geological prospecting in 2022-2026. The program envisages the development of uranium reserves at the expense of 8 new deposits and 18 promising areas, the supply of modern drilling equipment, the creation of a digital geological model.

The presentation also considered proposals for the development of promising deposits and enlisting investors. Precisely, it is planned to establish a project office "New Mining" under the Fund for Reconstruction and Development of Uzbekistan, allocating $ 15 million US in its authorized capital. The project office implements investment projects for the production of lithium, aluminum, magnesium, graphite and other rare metals.

Technical schools in Zarafshan, Angren and Guzar need to increase the number of geological specialties and train skilled workers.

Last year, a copper industry cluster was established in Uzbekistan. According to the program, it is intended to double copper production on a single "chain" to produce $ 8 billion US.

The presentation also included the report on the work being done in this direction.