Adham Ikramov met with Yusuf Sarinay, the rector of the Turkish University of Economics and Technology

On January 24, rector of Turkish University of Economics and Technology Branch and the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkey Adham Ikramov met with the rector of the University of Economics and Technology Yusuf Sarinay.

During the meeting, the A.Ikramov showed gratitude for the visit and noted the development of multilateral cooperation with the country of Turkey.
It was noted that the development of cooperation in the field of higher education, in particular, the establishment of a branch of TOBB ETÜ in Tashkent is a clear example of this.

Yusuf Sarinay also confirmed the above-mentioned views, noting that a system of exchange of experience between the rectors of a number of universities of the two countries has been established. He mentioned that a number of Turkish universities are planned to be opened in Uzbekistan.

During the event, the Executive Director of the Tashkent branch of TOBB ETÜ University D. Begmatova made a presentation on the activities of the branch of the University in Tashkent, the system for the development of the educational system.

In the process of the presentation, the students were demonstrated the conditions created, the projects planned to continue the dual system of education.

It is noteworthy that the establishment of TOBB ETÜ in Tashkent and under the Chamber of Commerce and Industry will provide an opportunity to strengthen the economic knowledge of future graduates in practical terms.

At the meeting, proposals were made to further improve the activities of TOBB ETÜ Tashkent University, to attract modern technologies that can meet high standards for students' knowledge and to further improve the level of knowledge of teachers.

In particular, Yusuf Sarinay noted that TOBB ETÜ plans to send a number of other professors to Tashkent University.