Airbus launches jets that do not emit noxious gases to atmosphere

Airbus just moved one step closer to launching the world's first zero-emission commercial aircraft by 2026.

The French aircraft maker has announced plans to test hydrogen fuel technology using a modified version of one of its A380 jetliners, which were discontinued last year.

The plane manufacturer will use an "A380 flying testbed fitted with liquid hydrogen tanks" to trial propulsion technology for its future hydrogen aircraft.
"Our ambition is to take this (A380) aircraft and add a stub in between the rear doors at the upper level," says Glenn Llewellyn, vice president for zero emission aircraft at Airbus, in a video posted on the Airbus YouTube channel. "That stub will have on the end of it a hydrogen powered gas turbine."

Test flights are currently estimated to take place in 2026, provided everything goes to plan.