An industry that is on the brink of extinction has reached the level of a cluster

As part of a trip to the Surkhandarya region, the team of the international information platform "Bright Uzbekistan" held an exclusive meeting with the Deputy Chairman of the Association "Uzbekipaksanoat" for carpet business Mukhbillo Rakhmonkulov.

During the meeting, the sides discussed the recent history and development prospects of the silk industry.

In particular, the production and export of finished products has been established through the transition of this industry to the cluster method, which at one time, due to various objective and subjective reasons, was on the verge of extinction. This association has brought together entrepreneurs and businessmen of the industry.

In fact, this direction, which plays an important role in the light industry, is also the fruit of the attention of the President of our country and the adopted regulatory documents. By the decree of the Head of State "On measures for the further development of silkworm breeding and astrakhan breeding in the Republic of Uzbekistan", the Committee for the development of silkworm breeding and astrakhan breeding was established.

The main task of the committee is to pursue a unified state policy in the field of silkworm breeding and astrakhan breeding, as well as the coordinated development of these industries with a unified scientific and technical policy. In addition, the main work of the committee was the study of strict accounting and the Fund of mulberry plantations and pastures, as well as improving the fodder base for the development of silkworm breeding and astrakhan breeding, the introduction of highly productive sheep breeds, the creation of favorable conditions for the procurement of raw materials and its processing in order to produce finished products from cocoons and astrakhan skins and a number of other tasks.

And the created Association became the backbone of the committee. The committee is widely establishing cooperation with the association for the development of work in the field of business associations. At the meeting, the role of the Association in the ongoing work in the field of carpet weaving, exporting finished products to neighboring countries and expanding the circle of buyers was especially emphasized.

During the conversation, issues of interaction between the international magazine "Bright Uzbekistan" and the Association were also touched upon. The work carried out by the association has become widely covered by the news platform in this area.