At least 100 exporters will be brought to the European market

During the meeting, until the end of the year, the Ministry of investment participated in 27 international exhibitions on textile, electrotechnical, agro and food industries, and was instructed to bring at least 100 exporters to the European market.

To the Ministry of investment:

entering into the requirements of international certification, it is necessary to solve such issues as which laboratory modernization and which standard change;

until the end of the year, 27 international exhibitions in the textile, electrotechnical, agro and food industries were attended and at least 100 exporters were transferred to the European market.

It was indicated that the technical regulation agency will increase the number of enterprises with international standards by 3 times and reach 1 thousand 200 units by the end of the year.

At these enterprises, 1.5 thousand European standards are introduced. Through this, each enterprise has an economy of 1 billion soums for International Laboratory conclusions, the time it takes to export is reduced to 3 weeks.

In addition, the agency was instructed to ensure recognition in at least 100 States by adapting 121 laboratory conclusions to international standards.