At what distance do radar cameras start to see the car

You can't hide from all-seeing cameras on the highway. From year to year, the equipment for tracking and controlling the speed limit and compliance with other traffic rules is only becoming more. As a result, motorists are beginning to worry more and more about the question not about where exactly the fixing cameras are, but about how far they are able to see.

Video cameras are able to see far enough. Of course, today there are many models of such equipment, sometimes very different in their characteristics. However, every year more and more advanced and perfect cameras appear that can almost accurately identify a traffic offender. Already today it is not possible to somehow deceive the camera or hide from its eyes.

Various fixing equipment is used in Uzbekistan today. Cameras are stationary and portable. One of the most popular systems today is the AvtoUragan cameras recognize an intruder only 30 meters away, but they are able to distinguish 17 various traffic violations. Another popular camera is "Cordon" with a fixing range of about 150 meters.