Autumn season of growing cocoons: increasing employment and income of the population is a priority

After the establishment of the Uzbekipaksanoat association, the responsible persons, having studied foreign experience, established the process of growing cocoons 4 times a year in each region of Uzbekistan.

It is worth noting that until 2017, cocoons were grown in our country once a year, and the population was engaged in this process for only 35-40 days. Today, cocoon homeworkers have been working in the industry continuously for 7 months.

For comparison, in 2019, 19,100 boxes of silkworms were grown in the fall season, and in 2020 - 21,700 boxes of silkworms. This year, this figure has increased almost 4 times: in the third and fourth seasons of cocoon growing, more than 80 thousand boxes of silkworm seeds are looked after.

These days, homeworkers throughout the republic have been working on growing cocoons for the third season. A total of 41,810 boxes of silkworm seeds were placed in revitalization incubators and distributed to homeworkers on a contract basis.

For reference: until 2017, the cultivation of repeated cocoons was not established. At the same time, the climatic conditions in Uzbekistan are not considered suitable for the cultivation of repeated cocoons. This is due to the fact that the silkiness of a cocoon grown under changing weather conditions (extremely hot or cold air temperatures) would be very low, resulting in a sharp increase in the cost of processing the cocoon, that is, the production of silk fiber.