Aziz Abdukhakimov: Nature does not forgive mistakes

Within the framework of the forum, Deputy Prime Minister Aziz Abdukhakimov faced with youngsters visited where he called on to be active in conserve the environment.

A.Abdukhakimov stated that he is eager to collaborate with young people on promising projects in the spheres of tourism, sports, culture, and environment. According to the Deputy Prime Minister, staging major sport competitions can improve young people's drive to live a healthy lifestyle and focus on sport.

Furthermore, the Minister urged young people to take an active role in environmental protection, bringing their attention to the problem of ecology and the impact of the Aral Sea catastrophe on human life.

“Recently, a series of sport marathons were organized, - stated A. Abduhakimov. "One of which was named after the Aral Sea. We must perceive that nature does not forgive our mistakes. There are several examples of environmental detriment produced by economic benefits, such as the recent dust storm in the city”.

A.Abduhakimov welcomed questions and recommendations from the youth. He thoroughly addressed each question and praised the attendees for their insightful suggestions.

He later displayed a video by Jenisbek Piyazov and the group”Elektrooko” devoted to the Aral Sea and the aspirations of the locals.