Biden: Putin doesn't know what to expect

In an address to the nation, Biden outlined how the West would respond to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

In his speech, Biden told Americans that freedom always triumphs over oppression.

The president also promised economic retaliation in the future.
"Putin doesn't know what to expect," he noted.

"Six days ago, Putin's threat was to undermine the foundations of a free world in order to subdue the world. Yet, he made a mistake. He thought the world would turn upside down in case he invaded Ukraine. Instead, he has faced a strong wall that he could not imagine. It was the people of Ukraine", Biden said.

"Putin's war was deliberate and unjustified. He repeatedly rejected diplomatic efforts. He thought the West and NATO would not respond. He thought we could be separated. However, Putin was seriously mistaken. But we were ready for that”, Joe Biden added.

At the same time, the U.S. leader noted the United States is ready to defend "every inch of NATO territory", but also he said the country does not want to fight in Ukraine.