Black Stone: the highest quality standard

The Black Stone company, headed by Sukhbatulla Ubaydullaev, is well-known in Uzbekistan and abroad. Founded in 2017, it specializes in the wholesale supply and sale of natural stones from China, India and Italy.

The team consists of highly qualified specialists in the quality and durability of stones. Onyx, granite, travertine and marble are among the stones the company imports.

“I am a descendant of stone carvers and have been in this field since 1995. So, based on my vast experience, we founded Black Stone six years ago. Black Stone has also gained invaluable experience working with a variety of clients. Our clients include various organizations and individuals,” said Sukhbatulla Ubaydullaev.

People love the beauty and durability of natural stones. They are used in wall and floor coverings, interior design of offices, living areas, kitchens and bathrooms, they can turn houses into real palaces.

Stone processing is also convenient to do in our own production, equipped with special machines. This allows the production of any reasonable size, shape, surface treatment, exclusive products that meet the highest quality standards accepted in the industry.

Today, electric machines are becoming increasingly popular in the bricklayer's work arsenal. Diamond tools for carving and stone processing are used successfully both in industry and at home.

Sukhbatulla Ubaydullaev speaks with inspiration about the activities of his company. While not soft by nature, he has the inner strength, energy, endurance, and ability to engage the team as a leader.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that the products they produce - construction work, architectural elements, decorative relief products - are of the highest quality.

This is evidenced by the fact that the activities of the limited liability company "Black Stone" were awarded a certificate of appreciation of the Tashkent Chamber of Commerce and Industry.