BMB Trade Group will create a joint venture with Tajikistan

On July 1, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of BMB Trade Group Bekzod Mamatkulov met with a delegation headed by Chairman of the Board of Directors of AVAS GROUP (Tajikistan) Azim Khakimov.

At the meeting, A. Khakimov made a presentation, after which the issue of creating an Uzbek-Tajik joint venture BMB TRADE GROUP and AVAS GROUP was considered.

It was noted that 50 hectares of land will be provided to the Tajik company for the implementation of this project, which is estimated at $ 3 million. AVAS GROUP's task will be to plant, grow and export saffron, and BMB Trade Group will control the course of actions.

It is worth noting that saffron is in high demand in the countries of Central Asia.