BMB TRADE GROUP will create saffron plantations in Tajikistan

June 9, a regular B2B meeting was held in Dushanbe between Chairman of the Supervisory Board of BMB Trade Group Bekzod Mamatkulov and Chairman of the Board of Directors of AVAS Engineering (Tajikistan) Azim Khakimov.

During the talks, the priorities of bilateral cooperation were once again discussed.

It was noted that in recent years, bilateral relations between Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, based on mutual friendship and trust, have reached a completely new level.

Regular summit meetings play an important role in this. On this basis, trade, economic, export-import and business relations between the two countries are acquiring positive dynamics.

This is evidenced by the fact that, despite the difficult period of the pandemic, promising projects are being implemented in the field of trade, mechanical engineering, energy, mining, agriculture, textiles, transport, tourism and healthcare, as well as an active dialogue at the regional and business levels. ...

Accordingly, the prospects and geography of cooperation for companies from the two countries are being updated.

This is evidenced by the idea of creating saffron plantations in Tajikistan with the support and supervision of experts from BMB Trade Group.

The initial agreement was reached on May 20 this year during the first meeting of the heads of the two companies.

At this meeting, the Tajik company expressed its readiness to create all the necessary conditions for the implementation of this pilot project.

In particular, 50 hectares have been allocated for the project. All stages and processes, from planting, cultivation and to the export of saffron, are fully controlled by the experts of the BMB Trade Group.

As a result, a corresponding agreement was signed on this occasion, and in other areas of cooperation, road maps were also identified and a bilateral agenda was outlined for starting practical work.

For information, AVAS Engineering is one of the largest companies in Tajikistan in areas such as corporate customer service, construction and logistics.