«Bright Uzbekistan» expands the scope of cooperation

Our observers regularly visit the «Bright Uzbekistan» information platform and know that the project team constantly holds meetings and carries out mutually beneficial cooperation in all areas with entrepreneurs of our country who implement a lot of creative ideas and can become mentors for young entrepreneurs, as well as have their own path to success in business.

One of these meetings was held with the founder and co-chairman of the companies UZIMIZNIKI, Luxe Trans Capital and US-LLC Mukhlisakhon Akramova.

During the meeting, it was said that over the past five years, many legislative acts have been adopted that determine the interests of entrepreneurs, and in practice there have been a number of positive changes in the infrastructure, the banking sector and the relations of state bodies with entrepreneurs. It was also noted that such changes will certainly give a great impetus to business representatives, including women entrepreneurs.

She also said that thanks to these opportunities, only one textile company UZIMIZNIKI today has a working capital of 4-5 million US dollars. Numerous agreements have been signed with Kyrgyz and Kazakh companies to increase these indicators to 12-18 million US dollars in the future.

At the meeting, the founder of the «Bright Uzbekistan» international project also made a small presentation on the goals and objectives of the project.

After that, Munisakhon Akramova expressed her opinion on the effectiveness of such projects for business representatives of the country. Following the meeting, an agreement was reached on continuing and promising cooperation.