Bright Uzbekistan magazine shows a positive image of Uzbek businessmen - Alisher Kasymov

In recent days, the Bright Uzbekistan project has attracted great interest from officials and entrepreneurs, including the founder of the project, Davron Abdullayev, held a meeting with the founder of the Toshkent Tractors company, Alisher Kasimov, and presented the first issue of the magazine.

During the meeting, information was provided on the essence, prospects and future plans of the Bright Uzbekistan project.

"The main mission of the Bright Uzbekistan project is to talk about the conditions created for doing business in the new Uzbekistan, show a positive image of Uzbek businessmen, attract the attention of foreign investors, unite interests, and also promote the mutual unification of the interests of a common partnership and strengthening in a single business projects," Alisher Kasymov noted on his page.

For reference: Alisher Kasymov is one of the entrepreneurs who successfully carry out their activities in our country. He founded a number of companies in the field of agriculture and information technology. Currently heads the companies "Promzona Agro", "Tashkent Tractors", "Fasttech IT" and "Motochas IT".