By August 1, it is intended to increase domestic flights to 90 a week

The meeting focused on the transport sector and the slow pace of attracting private investors.

Therefore, the Minister of Transport I.Makhamov was admonished on the followings:

Unsatisfactory work on attracting investors to airports on the basis of private partnership;

Dissatisfaction with private partnership projects for the construction of high-speed highways Tashkent-Samarkand and Tashkent-Andijan;

Neglect on increase in air, rail and road services between the regions.

Ministry of Transport and Uzbekistan Airports were instructed on the followings:

Till July 1, starting practical work on attracting investors and low-cost carriers for domestic flights to airports on the basis of a private partnership;

By August 1, increasing domestic flights to 90 per week;

Accelerating the transformation of the railway system;

In the field of roads, developing proposals for quality control of construction and control of allocated funds.