China began exploration of the surface of the Planet Mars

Chinese Mars rover called "Zhurong" successfully landed on Mars and will study the soil, ionosphere and climate of the planet.

As reported by "ТАСС" referring to the Chinese National Space Administration, on May 15, the Chinese spacecraft for exploration of Mars "Tianwen-1" landed on another planet for the first time.

"Tianwen-1" interplanetary station equipped with 13 scientific instruments was launched on July 23, 2020, in February 2021 the spacecraft reached Mars orbit. The rover will stay on the surface of Mars for 92 Earth days. The rover's equipment includes a high-resolution topographic camera for obtaining images of the planet's surface in 3D, a multispectral camera for studying soil composition, a surface structure analyzer with the ability to recognize more than 10 chemical elements, a magnetic field detector, and a meteorological measurement device that will be able to record temperature changes from -120 to 50 degrees Celsius, atmospheric pressure from 1 to 1000 pascals and wind force from 0 to 27 m / s.